Menuet32 0.85B

Menuet32 is distributed under General Public License - Release notes

Diskette image:
Kernel sources:
Application sources:
Games (doom,quake,..) Download

Following files may already be on the M32 or M64 distribution disk.


HD Fat32 bootsectordownloadpicture
New tinypad and MFAR from Mike Semenyakodownloadpicture
3D models (Teapot..) from Macgub, macgub3@wp.pldownloadpicture
Freecell - Card game, Alexandr Gorbovetsdownloadpicture
Raycast - 3D maze, Dieter Marfurtdownloadpicture
C4 game, Thomas Mathysdownloadpicture
Fire demo IIdownloadpicture
Mario demodownloadpicture
Memory Blocks gamedownloadpicture
Analogue clock sourcesdownloadpicture
Binary clock from Don, VWBDEBCOM@aol.comdownloadpicture
3D cubes from Pavlushin Evgeni, waptap@mail.rudownloadpicture
Sokoban game from Ivushkin Andreydownloadpicture
TEXCUBE (3d demo) from Pavlushin Evgenidownloadpicture


MeOSload, start menuet from hd/msetup.exe, transafe@rambler.rudownloadpicture
Movable icon set and a new panel from Anthony Bond,
source for abovedownloadpicture
Option box example from Harald Weber, kitemaster@gmx.atdownloadpicture
Bootsector with kernel name selection from Jiang Yio, jyio@stuy.edudownloadpicture
XTREE from Pavlushin Evgeni, waptap@mail.rudownloadpicture
M64Cirrus Vesa 1.2 driver from Don, VWBDEBCOM@aol.comdownloadpicture
Command prompt from dmitri_gt@tut.bydownloadpicture

C, Java, Basic...

Small-C compiler from Veselin, Outputs Fasm 1.40 format assemblydownloadpicture
Example c filedownloadpicture
Java Menuet GUI Builder 2.0, L.Guitier, guitier@free.frdownloadpicture
Basic interpreter, Jarek Pelczardownloadpicture
Sphinx, Barry Kaulerdownloadpicture
Excellent German translation of Sphinx documentdownloadpicture

Other stuff

MHC archiver Win32, Nikita Lesnikovdownloadpicture
Menuet installer creator 0.04 for Win95+ from Tom Tollet, pryslyst@hotmail.comdownloadpicture
Crux window skindownloadpicture
Many familiar (win,mac..) and new skin-types, Samuel Rodriguez Perezdownloadpicture